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Free Whitepapers

Free whitepapers for Operations Managers, change Managers, Project Managers, Application Managers and Database Administrators.


Private or Public Synonyms for Database Objects – or no Synonyms at all ?

This decision support paper visualizes the pro's and contras in tabular form and evaluates the arguments.

The Danger of Invalid Database Objects

An awareness paper for Operations Managers and Application Support describing the problems and potential risks caused by invalid objects in Databases. Back to top

The Importance of Application Level Monitoring

Application Level Monitoring is NOT the job of UNIX-Administrator and Database Administrator! This awareness paper for Operations Managers, Project Managers and Application Support highlights the importance of Application Level Monitoring and tries to get rid of the common misunderstanding that's done by UNIX-administrators and DBA's. Back to top

Daily, Weekly or Monthly Partitions?

This document evaluates the different factors impacting the decision if daily, weekly or monthly partitions should be used. Surprisingly even the legal department can impact that decision, and the other areas as performance and manageability become just secondary decision factors. Back to top

Transaction Log and Redo / Archive Log in Databases

Understanding the topic "transaction log volume" / “archivelog volume” can avoid unexpected troubles (unplanned outages) when starting more or larger jobs or during applying changes or conducting upgrades.

Of increased importance when running or planning Standby Databases for Disaster Recovery!

This awareness paper explains why Change Managers and Application Managers must ask questions about the archivelog volume created during changes and upgrades and why application support staff – and not only the DBA - must understand this topic. Back to top

Separate Database and Application on different Servers?

This white paper discusses several pro- and contra- arguments if you should separate application and database on different servers or not.

Although this topic is not new you will be surprised about some of the arguments. Back to top

Store Documents in Filesystem or Database?

To store document attributes (title, author, keywords, version(s) ...) in database tables is common practice.

Those attributes are stored in database fields of data types "number" and "character".

But database systems also provide additional data types to store (large) objects in binary and text format.

This article discusses, if the document (text, image, spreadsheet, ...) itself

  • should be stored in a database field,
  • or just referenced by a pointer to a physical file in the file system.

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