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The Danger of Invalid Database Objects


This document shows the risks when operating a database with invalid objects. This document is written for members of application support operations managers. The operations managers should understand the risk associated when operating databases with invalid objects and he should solve the dispute between application support and DBA's who both argument that this is not "his" but "the others" problem.

An invalid database object (Synonym, Package, Procedure, View,..) could indicate a problem, but it might be also harmless. Nevertheless operating a database with "harmless" invalid objects makes the detection of a new invalid object indicating a serious problem impossible or much more difficult. Combined with missing controls in other areas severe malfunction might not be detected. In case of problems the troubleshooting process might require more time because investigators might also research all invalid objects.

Effort for an initial cleaning (getting rid of invalid objects) of all databases pays off, as all involved persons get awareness about risks and importance so that new systems and changes will not introduce new invalid objects. Thus you will increase the maturity level of your IT.


  • Operations Manager
  • Testing Manager
  • Environment Manager
  • Application Support Staff
  • System-DBA, Application-DBA, Development-DBA
  • Quality Assurance Manager

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