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Die Muttersprache unserer Berater ist Deutsch. Wir bieten alle Dienstleistungen in Deutsch und Englisch an.

Database Administration through certified Oracle DBA, 12 years experience

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Billing DBA

Erfahrung auf mehreren Billing Systemen.
Erfarhung im Telekom- und Bankenumfeld.

We cover all aspects of Database Administration:

  • System DBA
  • Application DBA / Center of Excellence advising Developers
  • Development DBA
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Database Tuning

We don't just change a few performance-parameters....

Analysis - WHERE is the problem ?

  • Application
  • Execution Plans
  • Resource Contention - we know how fast your disks or storage array could / should be...
  • Database Parameters
Documentation of analysis, findings and proposed changes including all captured evidence and argumentations for our proposed changes.
Implementation after your agreement and in line with your Change- and Release Management (we do know ITIL...).

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Auditing of Database Installations

Our Audit focuses on Stability

Related product: "Database Health Check - Stability Assessment"

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Database- and Application Capacity Management and Capacity Planning

...not only disk space but also CPU, Memory and IO-performance We strive for MANAGING capacity - that means keeping resource requirements as low as possible and just plan for the required extension afterwards.
Our capacity planning is not just simple extrapolation of trend lines, it is model-based.
  • Definition of Performance Indicators (PI) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Establishing an initial baseline
  • Implementation of automatic recordings and capacity monitoring
  • Deriving Business-to-IS/IT-Usage Factors: GB per Mio Customers, CPU's per 10,000 Invoices/hour, ...
  • Applying those Usage Factors to Forecasts from Business
  • Capacity Monitoring and Reporting against Forecast: Checking if real IS/IT resource usage matches the Forecasted values, in case of unusual changes investigations if those are caused by a problem
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Project Support: Requirements Definition, initial Sizing, Installation....

Your business experts usually do spend significant effort on functional requirements, but unfortunately the non-functional requirements are not sufficient covered.

Feel free to choose

  • to purchase our template and use it yourself or
  • to use our consulting service to explain all that to your staff and customize that template exactly to your project's requirements

Our related products

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Service Level Management

by ITIL® Foundation certified expert

We do understand ITIL based Service Level Management and SLA's. As Oracle Experts we can support your Service Level Manager establishing an Operations Level Agreement (OLA) for the database team.

Our related Product: "Database OLA / SLA"

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Systems Documentation

There are many reasons why your systems documentation is far from being complete...

OUR vision is a systems handbook which not only satisfies every auditor, but is also a major help for your daily and non-daily operations. Our consultants have in addition to experience in application support also excellent writing skills ("Document Writer") in English and German and are able to compile a systems handbook...

  • by providing application support we learn how the system works and fill step by step our Handbook-Template
  • by "Knowledge Engineering" - Reading available information and interviewing your application support staff
Our related product: "Template: Systems- and Operations Handbook"

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