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Your company is just in the

Startup Phase

The pressure to go live is dependent on your type of business. Having paid a hundred million of USD for a telecom license and loosing daily thousands of potential customers to already established competitors - every day counts!

Although MCL consultants would love to do a perfect job - there is no time for discussions about SLA's/OLA's between teams and departments within your company.

but you REALLY SHOULD take care about external agreements!

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Using our template "Nonfunctional Requirements" you should identify the really important items within a few hours. "DEL"ete the rest, and you are done!

"Nonfunctional Requirements" cover the areas Manageability, Availability, Recoverability, Monitoring, ... - Areas which are unfortunately too often forgotten.

Example: Your procurement spent much time in negotiating a great deal on a 300,000.- USD license purchase and another 300,000.- USD for high available hardware cluster. And you can imagine the surprise when after the failed cluster-switch / failover-test you identify that the license key uses a physical hardware address and that you need to buy a second license for the standby node. If you address that situation clearly before you might get a special agreement for your "standby-node" including a second license key.
This is only 1 of more than 150 items ....

Nonfunctional Requirements (more than 150 requirements)

-Generic Template for RFP / Package Selection

We know that you WILL need a DETAILED Systems/Operations Handbook in future, and we are also realistic enough to know that you will be significant time running that system before you GET it.
BUT if contracting external consultancies or integrators you should have that in your list of deliverables - or put aside budget to do it yourself later. There are not many areas in IS/IT where the dispute / difference in understanding about the content is so huge as when talking about an "Operations / Systems Handbook". Without specifying details you might end up with one page how to start the system.
Therefore we prepared following comprehensive template:
Template: Systems- and Operations Handbook
Undocumented systems are a high risk and often reported in audits. This template helps you to establish the required documentation.
It's not unlikely that you can't get all checkpoints "green" on those systems required to launch business. Telco business people rather would archive your CV and your salary instead of discussing "archiving of data" when every day delay costs a few thousand customers.
But you can use this checklist to document what needs to be done later and get the agreement that the "project" (and the related budget) is not closed just because system was launched.

Checklist for Production Release and System Handover

- Non-Functional Aspects
Checklist for small and medium projects focusing on non-functional aspects for operations team.

During a startup you don't install just one system, for sure you get several. And most of them need to be integrated for automated data transfer. Have a quick look through our "Interface Checklist". Skip the "advanced" and "high end" topics - there is no time now - but really DO check for the most simple (but most dangerous) topics! Just requesting to fill out the "Interface Documentation Template" will give you that what you got - and that what's still missing or unknown documented. A simple Quick-Win!
Enterprise Application Integration (EAI):

Requirements, Checklist and Template for Planning, Defining and Documenting Application Interfaces

( Requirements Checklist 36 pages, Template for Operational Documentation 8 pages)
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