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Checklists and Templates for Project Managers

This page contains only a subset of our products and lists checklists and templates for project managers.

Non-functional Requirements A checklist and template for Package / Product Selection with more than 150 non-functional requirements. This requirements ensure the delivery of an operable and manageable system which provides the required functionality reliable, uninterrupted or with minimal time of interruption even under unusual situations. (Availability, reliability, manageability, Backup and Recovery, resuming crashed jobs, configuration requirements, archiving / restore....)
Requirements Checklist for Application Interfaces Requirements-Checklist and Template for Application Interfaces. It's quite sure that the new application needs to be integrated with existing applications, and that might be a MAJOR part of the project! Therefore you should ask following important (vendor- and tool independent) questions about the interfaces before selecting and implementing the application ! (Requirements checklist 36 pages, template for operational documentation 8 pages)
Checklist for production release Reading this checklist at the very beginning of the project will reveal a lot of steps which otherwise might be forgotten in the time- and budget estimation!

This simple checklist with about 100 items targets small and new companies with IT-department on a low maturity level and should bridge the time until change management and release management are fully implemented according best practice.

Checklist for Data Migration. If you need to migrate data to the new system, then be aware that this might become a major task!

Use this 65 Questions to reduce the risk of unexpected complications!

Base Document 24 pages + Template 11 pages

Database SLA Service Level Management is one process of service delivery. In this phase the Service Level Manager will contact you and present you a huge Service Catalogue and Service Levels for the Services offered.

This document is not for the DBA, it's primary for YOU as YOU need to budget and order those services which are appropriate for your project.

Read it before you estimate your budget!


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