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Non-Functional Requirements

Checklist / Template for Package Selection.

All Chapters - More than 150 requirements

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Nr. Require ments 

C1: Non-Functional Business Requirements


C2: Availability, Backup Requirements, Recoverability and Data Integrity


C3: Installation-, Database- and Monitoring Requirements


C4: Scalability and Performance-, Operations-, Configuration-, Support- and Troubleshooting Requirements


C5: Archiving and Purging-, Licensing- and other Requirements


This requirements ensure the delivery of an operable and manageable system which provides the required functionality reliable, uninterrupted or with minimal time of interruption even under unusual situations.

  • Availability
  • Reliability
  • Manageability
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Performance
  • Scalability (horizontal, vertical): Not every application supports more transactions or more users when adding CPU and Memory!
  • Installation Requirements
  • Configuration Requirements
  • Operations-, Support- and Troubleshooting Requirements
  • Monitoring: Application Level Monitoring must be explicitly requested, otherwise you just get system- and database monitoring.
  • Archiving and Restoring


Provide a comprehensive list of requirements to support quick and easy compilation of an questionnaire for an RFP (Request for Proposal) or for the internal development team, thus ensuring that the selected or developed application will meet the requirements for reliable operations. This can be achieved by customization, that is

  • deleting those requirements not needed for the specific situation
  • ranking of requirements (mandatory, important, nice to have, not required)
  • customizing values (e.g. Vendor of your Monitoring-System, value for availability 98%, 99%, 99.5%...)
Non-Functional Requirements not covered in this product are covered in Product
Requirements for Application Interfaces 65 requirements are provided in our product Requirements-Template and Checklist for Application Interfaces
Documentation Requirements The product Temlate for an Operations- / Systems Handbook is a 50+ pages template for an end-to-end Systems documentation.

Out of Scope

  • Functional Requirement
  • Usability Requirements


The dedicated template for non-functional Business Requirements

- to be filled out by business department -

supports easy and quick documentation of business requirements for System Availability, required Support Hours and acceptable Maintenance Windows, Escalation Plan, Retention Period and Archiving Requirements and Performance Requirements.

  • Customization Instructions allow quick and easy customization of the template for your organization
  • Predefined answers to be selected by check boxes support fast documentation

Dependent on the non-functional Requirements requested from Business IS/IT can derive detailed technical Requirements using

The dedicated template for non-functional Technical Requirements

  • Troubleshooting
  • Recoverability and Data Integrity
  • Architecture / Design to achieve required availability
  • Application Level Monitoring
After filling out this template those documented requirements can be added to the RFP.


  • Project Team
  • Operations Manager
  • Application Support
  • QA-Manager
  • Testing Manager

If you think that you do NOT need this report because....

... those requirements are part of your enterprise standards

Congratulation - your organization reached already an excellent maturity level. But in this case you are surely aware of the costs (of hundreds of man hours) until those standards and requirements were collected, formulated, discussed and re-formulated and agreed. But even if you find only one new requirement in this report, missing in your list, the price for this report might pay off already in the next project.






462 KB

Zip-file containing all of the following files

Within this ZIP-file you will find following files:





179 KB

Non-Functional Business Requirements, Acrobat-Format, Acrobat Reader required


107 KB

Same content as NFBUSREQ.PDF, but this file is in "Rich Text Format" (RTF) which can be imported into (nearly all) text processing programs. This enables you to fill out the documents


269 KB

all other (mostly technical) Non-Functional Requirements. Acrobat-Format, Acrobat Reader required


317 KB

Same content as NFTECHREQ.PDF, but this file is in "Rich Text Format" (RTF) which can be imported into (nearly all) text processing programs. This enables you to fill out the documents

Table of Contents “Part 1 - Nonfunctional Business Requirements”

This business requirements are delivered in a separate document which can be sent to and discussed with business, without bothering business with the long list of other nonfunctional requirements.

Summary 3

1.Availability and Support (Business requirement) 4

1.System Category (optional) 4

2.Support Hours 4

3.Impact of an Outage 5

4.Max. acceptable Duration of unplanned outage 5

5.Max. Loss of Data in case of and disaster 5

6.Escalation Plan 6

7.Contingency Plan 7

8.Planned Outages / Maintenance Window 7

2.Retention Period for Data (Business requirement) 8

3.Performance Requirements 9

1.Interactive User Interface (GUI) 9

Batch Processing 9

Reporting 9

Table of Contents “Part 2 - Nonfunctional Requirements” (130 Requirements)

Summary 3

Scope 3

Out of Scope 3

Overview 5

Backup and Recovery Requirements 6

Recoverability and Data Integrity 6

Technical Requirements to achieve Required Availability 7

Very High Availability using Oracle RAC (Real Application Cluster) 8

Requirements for Scalability and Performance 9

Horizontal Database Scalability using Oracle RAC (Real Application Cluster) 10

Installation Requirements 10

Operations Requirements 11

Monitoring Requirements 13

Overview 13

Hardware and Operating System Monitoring 14

Database Monitoring 14

Application-Level-Monitoring 15

Configuration 16

Database Requirements and Standards 17

Database Installation Standards 17

Application Specific Database Requirements 17

Support Requirements 19

Troubleshooting 20

Archiving / Purging Requirements 21

Licensing Requirements 22

Password Requirements 24

Miscellaneous Requirements 25

Abbreviations 28

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