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Template: Database Health Check - Part 2: Performance

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This template supports the systematic check for potential performance problems by providing a step-by-step guidance for junior DBA's doing that for the first time.

Additional benefit of using this template for many or all databases is a consistent, structured documentation of the performance situation.

The huge, mission critical databases are usually carefully monitored by the company's "Veteran DBA" or external performance tuning experts - that's far beyond the scope of this template.

But this template is a helpful first step for junior DBA's on those small or less critical databases the company's Veteran DBA has no time for as there are no problems today.


Junior-System-DBA's and Junior Application DBA's

By documenting the performance situation of several systems 4x per year the junior DBA will get a feeling for the magnitude of different values, e.g. milliseconds per db_file_sequential_read, milliseconds per Logfile_sync, cache hit ratio, ... and understand where the database growth has most impact.

Whereas the System DBA will focus on the database internals the Application DBA will focus on the application specific database topics, especially SQL access, Indexes and space-management and space-growth of application objects.

Product not available - coming soon