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The Problem

All the knowledge learned does not help your project
until it's applied without gaps
- each item that was forgotten might cost a fortune!
- Or even worse - might DELAY your project!

The Mission


The Concept

Use Checklists and Templates

All MCL products are the concentrated result derived from 10 years international projects.


The not unusual IS / IT Situation
The Alternative MCL Offer
RFP's (Request For Proposal) are submitted without any non-functional (manageability, availability, application level monitoring, ....) requirements because your Production Teams did not publish standards and requirements or the Standardization Process shows no progress
Provide the “MCL Requirements Templates”, the customization is quick and easy: Delete what's not required, or decide for one of several possible options.

=> With lowest effort and without any delay (“Time counts”) you will achieve an acceptable delivery, much better than asking for nothing.

A new system was delivered (or an existing system must be handed over), but the documentation is not really comprehensive.
Use the “Checklist for Production Release and System Handover” during interviews / meetings with the persons currently operating the system.

Use the items where “no answer provided / unknown” to clearly document this situation (and to set priorities / plan costs for investigations and documentation)

Use the “Template for Operations- and System Handbook” and document all information gained during the interviews (or re-engineered during hands-on checks).

In case of a big system the employment of a “Document Writer” specialized on IT-documentation is worth to be discussed.

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